Jotul 2020 Change-Out Program

The 8th Annual Jotul Change-Out Program is here, starting July 1, 2020 through August 31, 2020!

From Jotul North America:
“As a responsible corporate citizen, Jotul North America is pleased to announce the Jotul 2020 Change-Out Program to promote the use of efficient, clean burning, and environmentally friendly Jotul wood and gas burning stoves and fireplace inserts. As we all know dirty-burning, pre-EPA conventional wood burning appliances contribute greatly to the level of particulates released into the atmosphere. Our goal with this year’s program is to build on the success of previous Jotul Change-out programs. Millions of dirty-burning wood appliances, inefficient gas appliances, and open wood burning fireplaces can be taken out of service and replaced with clean burning, efficient Jotul wood or gas appliances.

Consumers turning in their Pre-EPA wood or inefficient gas stove or insert for recycling will qualify for up to $300 savings towards the purchase of Jotul woodstoves, Jotul gas stoves, and gas fireplace inserts. To foster our commitment as a responsible corporate citizen, Jotul North America will again donate a portion of the proceeds from each unit sold during the Jotul 2020 Change Out program to Operation BBQ relief.”

You can find more information about Operation BBQ on their website here:

More information about the Jotul 2020 Change-Out Program can be found on their website:

Here’s the fine print:
*The program runs from July 1, 2020 through August 31, 2020. The up to $300 savings is valid for the retail purchase of new Jotul wood and gas appliances, savings are calculated off the published Jotul MSRP. The pre-EPA wood stove/insert or old gas stove/insert turned in must be rendered inoperable and submitted for recycling. Combining the Jotul 2020 Change Out Program with other Jotul supported offers is prohibited. Combining the Jotul 2020 Change-Out Program with any local, government, or ALA Change-Out Program or woodstove rebate/tax credit is allowed and encouraged.


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