We’ve gone GREEN! & Here’s how…


  • We heat our building with biomass fuel. We have (or are in the process of installing) an outdoor wood boiler, an outdoor pellet boiler, and an indoor biomass combustion mega shop heater.
  • Our hearth showroom is heated with 6 woodburning stoves and 8 pellet stoves. Excess heat is distributed to the powersports showroom by means of an energy recovery system.
  • We have an energy saving , reflective white roof.
  • Our siding is Hardie Board which is made from natural, raw materials as well as durable, reducing the need for replacement and upkeep.
  • We use xlerator hand dryers that use 80% less energy than conventional dryers as well as reduce our use of paper products
  • We have energy saving LED lights in our hearth showroom
  • Our main offices have solar tube lighting. This allows us to use the light from the sun 70-80% of the time.
  • We use 100% recycled toilet paper
  • Over 80% of our cleaning supplies are non-toxic and earth friendly. Our goal is to reach 100%
  • Over 80% of our floor surfaces are concrete or ceramic tile. They are natural, durable, and maintenance free products that do not require solvent-based cleaners or sealers.
  • We recycle our cans, bottles, and plastics in the kitchen and don’t use disposable plates, cups or silverware
  • We have paper recycle bins under each desk and try to reuse or recycle all paper products. Our goal is to use 100% recycled paper products.
  • We have a large dumpster dedicated to only cardboard and paper materials. We recycle 6 cubic yards of cardboard and paper each week.
  • We recycle all metal products including old non-EPA stoves
  • We have motion sensor lights in bathrooms and warehouse to conserve energy
  • We use Map Quest to plan service technician’s routes in advance to minimize travel time, mileage and gas consumption The electrical system and the roof’s structure are set up for the addition of a solar-powered photovoltaic array to produce electricity in the future.


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