Ufema x Higgins Power House

Custom Built Solar Sheds

Higgins Energy Alternatives and Ufema Contracting Inc. are teaming up to build you the most affordable, most customizable, and most accessible solution for adding all the amazing benefits of solar energy to your property—the Power House!

Say goodbye to the burden and complicated requirements of traditional solar panel agreements. Custom-built timber frame Power House sheds are designed to house solar panels, and our unique approach provides numerous benefits for homeowners who are looking for an affordable and efficient way to go solar.

Ufema and Higgins Energy Alternatives

Introducing the Power House

Power House Rendition - Front
Power House Rendition - Back

What Does the Power House Offer?

With the Power House, you get an all-in-one solar panel solution for your home with the added bonus of a custom-built timber frame storage shed or garage on your property, designed specifically for you by Ufema Contracting, Inc.

Your all-in-one Power House includes:

Electrical Permit and Electrician

National Grid Applications and Smart Meter

Conduit, Wiring, Grounding, Lighting

Switches and Solar Panels

You can choose from a range of options and packages when it comes to customizing your new shed, car port, or garage, and solar panel system.

After it is built, our professional installation team will come install and connect your new solar panels to the grid—without you having to lift a finger!

Ufema Contracting Solar Install

Why Choose the Power House?


Save Money with Solar

By installing solar panels on your custom-built Power House, you can become energy independent and save money on your utility bills. You will no longer have to rely on the grid for your electricity needs, and you can generate your own clean and renewable energy. This will help reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment.


100% Owned by You

Unlike other solar companies that lease the solar panels and installation to homeowners, you will own the solar system outright with your Power House. Custom built solar sheds put you firmly in control of your home’s renewable solar energy usage so you can take advantage of all the incentives and benefits of owning your solar system, no contracts required.


Nothing Attached to Your Roof

When it comes to solar panel installation, most homeowners think that attaching the panels to their roof is the only option. However, this can be costly and time-consuming. By choosing the Power House, you can save up to 15% on your installation costs. Our sheds are designed to hold the solar panels securely and safely, without any impact on your roof, and you get the added benefit of having a beautiful and functional shed that provides extra storage space for your home.

Hassle Free

Home improvement projects can be stressful and time-consuming, which is why your custom built Power House is completed with one contact and one easy payment. We provide a hassle-free experience for our clients where we handle all the details of the project, from the frame design and construction to electrical connections and solar panel installations.

Ufema Contracting Timber Frame Build
Garage with Solar Panels
Ufema Contracting Team

Ready to Get Started?

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