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Gas Stove Questions

What is the proper way to light my gas appliance?

Please refer to your rating plate or owner’s manual for this procedure. It is helpful to familiarize yourself with the location of the controls and pilot assembly before attempting to light your stove. There should be an on/off knob and a Piezo igniter button. Position your field of vision so you can see the pilot assembly while lighting. When you are sure there is gas pressure to the stove, rotate the pilot knob, then push in and hold. While looking at the pilot assembly, push the Piezo igniter button once per second until a blue flame appears. Keep holding the pilot knob for 10-30 seconds. When you release the knob, the pilot flame should stay lit. Rotate the pilot knob counter-clockwise one quarter turn. Your stove should now be ready for operation!

Why does the exterior of my new stove emit smoke?

On initial firings, the exterior of the stove will smoke due to paint curing. This is normal and will happen with greater intensity on a painted stove. It will subside after the first few fires. you may have to open a door or window near the stove.

What might cause my pilot to go out?

It is possible that you have either a dirty pilot assembly or the thermocouple needs to be replaced by a certified technician.

What might cause my stove not to light even though the pilot is lit?

The valve may be in the pilot position. If so, turn it to the “on” position and try again. If the valve is in the “on” position, then a service call will be necessary.

What kind of maintenance does my gas stove require?

Although maintenance to a properly installed and functioning gas hearth appliance is minimal, there are a few things that should be done:
• Before and shortly after the first fire, the glass should be cleaned. Higgins Energy can provide you with glass cleaner that will not harm your glass.
• Glass should be cleaned at least once every three months during the heating season.
• You should have an annual inspection performed by a hearth professional.
We offer a yearly cleaning program in the Spring and Summer performed by our trained service technicians. Please contact us for more info and/or send us a note by email and we will email you when the Spring special begins.
• You should vacuum blowers and the surrounding area at least once a year.

Will this still work without electricity?

Yes. Most gas stoves have standing pilots that create millivolts to open and close the gas valve. Therefore no electricity is needed to turn on the burner and get heat.

How often will I need to have my new gas stove cleaned?

A gas stove needs to be cleaned once every year, usually after the heating season is over. This preventative maintenance can help to keep the stove from malfunctioning during the heating season.

What kind of remote/thermostat will work with my new gas stove?

Higgins Energy offers many types of millivolt remotes and thermostats that will work with your new gas stove; including thermostatic remotes, basic on/off remotes, and wall mounted thermostats.

What size tank do I need?

Consult your propane provider for an answer to this question.

Does Higgins Energy Alternatives provide a tank? How much does it cost?

No, we do not provide a propane tank consult your local propane providers for estimates.

Can Higgins Energy Alternatives recommend anyone for a tank?

We suggest getting quotes from several propane companies, and asking family and friends about their experiences with their propane providers.

Where can a tank be placed?

Because we are not a propane company, we aren’t familiar with all of the local codes and suggest that you call local propane companies to do sight surveys.

Do I need my tank to be in place before the installation of my unit?

You don’t need to have a tank put in before the installation of the new gas stove.

What should I do if my stove suddenly shuts off?

You should turn main burner switch to “Off,” or turn thermostat down to prevent stove from coming back on, then call Higgins Energy.

Should I shut my pilot off when I’m done using it?

Leaving the pilot on will use approximately 800btu per hour, and can cause unnecessary wear on parts such as thermopiles and thermocouples. We recommend that if you are going to turn the pilot off, you do so at the end of the heating season.


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