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Pellet Stove Questions

How does automatic ignition work?

When the stove’s control system determines a need to ignite, it sends power to the igniter, feed motor and combustion blower. The feed motor stops after a few minutes when enough fuel has been purged into the burn pot. The combustion blower pulls air over the igniter and through the fuel located in the burn pot. The combustion blower pulls the hot air through the fuel, heating it up and eventually lighting it on fire.

What may be preventing my stove from feeding pellets?

There could be several causes. The most likely cause would be a jammed auger, a blocked flue, or the door could have been left open. A complete cleaning should be performed, as outlined in your owner’s manual.

What may be preventing my igniter from working?

Check for ash build up, since this will act as an insulator. You may also have a failed igniter which would need to be replaced.

What could cause my stove to go out when the burn pot is still full of unburned pellets?

The air to fuel mixture is improperly adjusted. Thoroughly clean your burn pot, then try relighting. A slight adjustment to the air restrictor may be necessary, if applicable on your stove model.

How can I clean the glass on my stove?

Glass will get dirty. Cleaning can often be done with simply water and a towel. Sometimes a special stove glass cleaner may need to be used.

What kind of maintenance does my pellet stove require?

Ongoing maintenance should be done according to specific manufacturer instructions (found in your owner’s manual or on manufacturer’s website. Yearly maintenance should also be performed. You can refer to your manual for instructions or contact us. We offer a yearly cleaning program in the Spring and Summer performed by our trained service technicians. Please contact us for more info and/or send us a note by email and we will email you when the Spring special begins.

What is the equivalent in gallons of oil and cords of wood to one ton of pellets?

1 ton of pellets is equal to 119 gallons of oil and about 1¼ cords of wood*.

What are the BTUs of each of these three heat sources?

1 lb of pellets on average contains 8,250 BTUs or 16,500,000 BTUs/ ton.
1 Gallon of oil contains 139,000 BTUs
1 Cord of wood on average contains 20,000,000 BTUs.

What is the difference between softwood and hardwood pellets?

Unlike woodstoves you can burn both hardwood and softwood pellets in a pellet stove and notice little or no difference. It is more important to buy a premium wood pellet than to worry about the type of wood. This will assure a quality product with <1% ash content.

How can I run my pellet stove when I’m without power?

You can use either a battery back-up/power inverter or a generator; both of these items are available at Higgins Energy. (Remember to use your surge protector at all times)

Why is my stove turning off? Why aren’t the pellets feeding? /Why won’t my pellets ignite?

The most common cause of these problems is a lack of airflow, caused by a dirty stove or a gasket that is no longer performing its task. Please refer to owners’ manual for proper cleaning procedure and gasket inspection. If these things are satisfactory then please contact Higgins Energy (800)424-6343 to schedule a service appointment.

* The efficiency ratings of wood stoves are usually lower than those of pellet stoves.


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