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Wood Stove Questions

Why does the exterior of my new stove emit smoke?

On initial firings, the exterior of the stove will smoke due to paint curing. This is normal and will happen with greater intensity on a painted stove. It will subside after the first few fires. you may have to open a door or window near the stove.

Will I need to clean the glass windows on my wood stove?

The glass on your stove will become dirty on the first few fires. It will also become dirty if burning wet wood, under slow burn, or if adequate draft is not available. Higgins Energy can provide you with glass cleaner that will not harm your stove glass.

Can you explain how the draft works?

Draft is a force that exists in a properly designed and functioning chimney system. It pulls air into the combustion chamber and expels smoke and combustion gases from the appliance. The ability for draft to exist depends on many factors: chimney location and height, elbows, horizontal runs, flue size, house construction, and house pressurization, as well as atmospheric and environmental conditions.

What kind of maintenance does my wood stove require?

Yearly maintenance should be performed on your wood-burning system. Inspect and clean your chimney and connector pipe. Inspect door gasket for proper seal. Visually inspect the interior of the firebox. We offer a yearly cleaning program in the Spring and Summer performed by our trained service technicians. Please contact us for more info and/or send us a note by email and we will email you when the Spring special begins.

What might cause my stove to smoke and not heat as well as it used to?

Your flue system and stove needs an inspection and cleaning.

What might cause my stove to burn faster and hotter than it used to?

Your stove needs to have a new gasket kit installed.

What are the main differences between steel, cast iron, and soapstone stoves?

Steel and cast iron stoves will begin to radiate heat in a shorter amount of time than soapstone, but soapstone will continue to radiate heat hours after the fire has gone out.


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