Jøtul’s cast iron stoves and fireplaces have been crafted in Norway since 1853. For more than 160 years, Jøtul has worked at mastering the art of fighting the cold. Now you can experience elegant craftsmanship with a Jøtul wood or gas stove or fireplace insert, built right in Maine.

Jøtul’s timeless products bridge the past and present and integrate with the architectural qualities of modern living spaces. They feature Norwegian craftsmanship and functional design with both immediate appeal and design qualities that stand apart from short-lived trends. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, good design is more than meets the eye. Jøtul takes pride in the art of designing and manufacturing the world’s finest and most durable cast iron stoves and fireplace inserts.

Your Jøtul is a lifetime source of warmth and comfort. As long experience of coping with the Scandinavian climate has taught us, there is more to heat than can be measured by a thermometer. Jøtul’s products deliver on all dimensions, whether it is the crackling sound of a fire, the view of a perfect flame, the optimized burning for efficient and sustainable use, or the timeless design.