Grilling Burgers

5 Tips For Your First Grill-Out of the Summer

Sun’s out – Grill’s out! As the warmth of summer approaches, there’s nothing quite like the aroma of sizzling barbecue to set the tone for leisurely days and gatherings with loved ones. Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or just…
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6 Tips for Storing Wood Pellets

7 Tips for Storing Wood Pellets

When you burn wood pellets in a pellet stove as a method of home heating, buying pellets in bulk is the best way to make sure you’re stocked up with fuel through the heating season – but this also requires…
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Higgins Energy Current Specials

Current Specials

Browse Current Sales & Promotions at Higgins Energy Check back often for updates on current sales, promotions and specials going on in store, including manufacturer promotions and exclusive deals only at Higgins Energy. Browse through the list of all the…
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Young Woman Reading Book by Fire

How To Get Your Home Heating Ready for Winter

Summer is an easy time to forget about your home heating. But by mid-summer when the nights start getting shorter, we recommend that you take a moment to consider your fall and winter heating needs, as well as the status…
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Inventory Clearance Sale 2024

Inventory Clearance Sale

OUR BIGGEST SALE IN 49 YEARS! Save Up to $1,500 on Select Stoves & More in Stock Get the lowest prices of the year on HUNDREDS of stoves in stock NOW to beat the upcoming price increases! As low as…
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