Higgins Energy Current Specials

Current Specials

Browse Current Sales & Promotions at Higgins Energy Check back often for updates on current sales, promotions and specials going on in store, including manufacturer promotions and exclusive deals only at Higgins Energy. Browse through the list of all the…
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Young Woman Reading Book by Fire

How To Get Your Home Heating Ready for Winter

Summer is an easy time to forget about your home heating. But by mid-summer when the nights start getting shorter, we recommend that you take a moment to consider your fall and winter heating needs, as well as the status…
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Calculator Pellet Fuel

Does Pellet Heat Really Save You Money?

You feel it every time you go to pump gas, buy groceries, order fuel… there are very few markets and products that inflation has not invaded this year. With costs rising and supply chain issues, it’s hard to be certain…
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Wood Stove

5 Wood Stove Tips for a Warm & Cozy Winter

Cold winter nights can be a pain here in New England. But when the snow is falling and you’ve got the soft glow, crackling embers and comfy heat of a burning wood fire in your wood stove, there’s nothing quite…
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Do You Know the Signs of Chimney Damage?

Your fireplace is meant to be a safe, warm, and welcoming retreat inside your home. Fireplaces and wood stoves are designed to contain fires to keep your home both warm and safe. However, the safety of your chimney is just…
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