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At Higgins, we know that the safety of your home and your family relies on the health and cleanliness of your chimney. That’s why we personalize your buying experience by helping you find the chimney service that best fits your needs and your home. We offer everything for your chimney needs in-house, including orders, installs, permits, cleanings and more. Additionally, our federally certified technicians are able to install, diagnose, service and repair all your energy appliances.

Signs of Chimney Damage


Your fireplace is meant to be a safe, warm and welcoming retreat inside your home. Fireplaces and wood stoves are designed to contain fires to keep your home both warm and safe. However, the safety of your chimney is just as important as the safety of your fireplace. While you relax in the warmth of your wood stove or fireplace, the condition of your chimney may not be the first thing on your mind…

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