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Bari by HearthStone

Wood Burning Free Standing Stove

The Bari was designed and is manufactured exclusively in Germany by Hase Kaminofenbau GmbH. As Hase puts it: Above all, the goal is to create stoves with a balanced and harmonious shape and form. Our stoves truly shine. The Bari incorporates HearthStone’s TruHybrid™ combustion technology to bring a modern European EPA certified product to the North American market. The Bari is offered with a variety of finishes including ceramic panels with various textures and colors, and of course, minimal black steel. HASE stoves are built with 2 layers. The inner steel body of the stove provides structure controls the combustion of the stove. The outer panels finish the stove and create a convective air channel that circulates warm air through your home and reduces the outer temperature of the stove.

TruHybrid™ Efficiency

Stove rotates 225˚ to move warm air through your home

Natural Convective Heat with 2 layers

Enjoy up to 14 hours of HeatLife

Unique cylinder shape and finishes

Choose from 7 unique finishes

Heating Capacity

Up to 1,400 sq. ft.



Firebox Capacity

1.4 cu. ft.


0.94 g./hr.

EPA 2020 Certified



7 Options Available

Appliance Width 18-1/2″
Appliance Height 49-5/8″
Appliance Depth 9-1/4″
Weight 310 – 485 lb.
Ash Pan Included
BTU Up to 35,000
Efficiency 76% HHV
EPA Certified 0.94 g./hr.
Combustion System TruHybrid
Firebox Capacity 1.4 cu. ft.
Flue Exit Diameter 6″
Flue Exit Location Top
HeatLife 14 Hours of Heat
Heating Capacity 1,400 sq. ft.
Maximum Log Length 17″
Material Ceramic


Charcoal + Soapstone
Lava Ceramic, Ringed
Meteorite Ceramic, Linear Texture
Charcoal Steel
Wintersea Ceramic, Linear Texture
Alabaster Ceramic, Smooth


Outside Air Adapter

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