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Harmony 2.3 by Enerzone

Free Standing Wood Stove

Holder of an industrial design protection, the Harmony leaves no one indifferent with its look reminiscent of cast iron appliances, while offering the many advantages of wood stoves made of steel. The detail of the unique Fluted Roman Doric columns provides great elegance. Largely meeting EPA requirements with emissions below 1.54 g/h, the Harmony is an eco-friendly appliance that easily complies with the most stringent North American requirements. Available with a refined black or silver door trim, this unit becomes a serious choice to consider. Installation in a mobile home is allowed and you can add an air supply to the combustion to meet the requirements of domestic energy sources. Its 2.3 cubic feet combustion chamber makes the Harmony a generous source of heat for your home that will certainly meet your highest expectations.

Customizeable view with choice of door overlay

Non-catalytic combustion technology achieves greater efficiency and reduced emissions

Firebox lined with refractory bricks for better heat distribution

Stainless-steel secondary-air system improving gas combustion

Includes limited lifetime warranty

Offers advantages of steel wood stoves with the traditional look of cast iron

Heating Capacity

Up to 2,100 sq. ft.



Firebox Capacity

2.4 cu. ft.


1.54 g./hr.

EPA 2020 Certified



Steel with Cast Iron Frame

Appliance Width 25-5/8″
Appliance Height 30-1/8″
Appliance Depth 25-5/8″
Weight 435 lb.
Viewing Area 16-1/2″ x 10-1/8″
Fuel Type Dry cordwood (16″ recommended)
Recommended Heating Area 500 – 2,100 sq. ft.
Overall Firebox Volume 2.4 cu. ft.
EPA Loading Volume
Maximum Burn Time 8 hr.
Maximum Heat Output
(Dry cordwood)
75,000 BTU/hr
(22.0 kW)
Overall Heat Output Rate 14,800BTU/hr – 28,600 BTU/hr
(4.34 kW – 8.38 kW)
Average Overall Efficiency
(Dry cordwood)
69% HHV
74% LHV
Optimum Overall Efficiency 77%
Average Particulate Emissions Rate 1.54 g./hr.
Average CO 89.4 g./hr

Door Overlay

Black Steel Door Overlay
Brushed Nickel Steel Door Overlay


130 CFM Blower with Variable Speed Control, Fresh Air Intake Kit, Moulded Refractory Panels

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