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Platinum Smart-Heat Electric Heaters by Bromic

Platinum Smart-Heat Electric heaters pack profound performance into a sleek package to suit high-end, style-centric settings. Designed specifically with low-clearance, semi-enclosed and aesthetically-focused spaces in mind. Minimizes light emission to blend seamlessly into rooflines with the aid of recess kits or stylishly mount to a number of other surfaces.

Tinted glass-ceramic fascia spreads heat evenly across any area while minimizing light emission

Elegantly understated slim-line design blends into nearly any outdoor environment

Simple bracket adjustment allows you to accurately alter heat coverage for precise directional heating

Stainless steel construction for reliable heating performance and durability

Simple and easy to use, with single-switch activation and smart system compatibility

Genuine wireless control accessories allow seamless integration of remote heater control

Power (Watts) 2300W 3400W
Heating Area 65ft 108ft
Power Connection Required (Volts/Amps) 220-240V – A.C. – 50/60Hz – 9.6A 220-240V – A.C. – 50/60Hz – 14.2A
Dimensions (WxDxH) 44″x8.5″x3.5″ 56″x8.5″x3.5″
Mounting Height Req. to Ground 96″ Ceiling Mounting/72″ Wall Mounting Same
Weight (lbs.) 16.5 lbs. 22 lbs.

Power (Watts)

2300W – Model #BH0320007 (White), Model #BH0320003 (Black)
3400W – Model #BH0320008 (White), Model #BH0320005 (Black)