7 Tips for Storing Wood Pellets

6 Tips for Storing Wood Pellets

When you burn wood pellets in a pellet stove as a method of home heating, buying pellets in bulk is the best way to make sure you’re stocked up with fuel through the heating season – but this also requires storing them through the year. The average homeowner needs two to three tons of pellets to heat their home annually, which begs the question: where do you put them?

Proper storage is crucial to maintain the quality of your wood pellets and ensure they burn cleanly and effectively. We often get questions from customers asking how to properly store their wood pellets, so we’ve gathered our 7 best tips for how to store wood pellets efficiently and effectively.

1) Store in a cool, dry place.

When deciding a location for your pellet storage, look for a dry, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight and sources of moisture such as leaky pipes or damp walls. A garage, shed, or dedicated storage room can work well.

2) Store pellets in their original bags.

The bags that your pellets come in are the best material to protect your pellets. Do not open a pellet bag until you are ready to burn the pellets, as exposure to air, sunlight or moisture can compromise the integrity of the pellets.

3) Elevate the pellets by stacking on top of a pallet.

Keep your pellets stored up and away from the ground on top of a cardboard-covered pallet – this helps improve air circulation and prevents exposure to water or moisture from the ground. Avoid storing pellets directly on floors, as floors can absorb moisture and transfer it to the pellets.

4) When storing pellets indoors…

Stack the pellets on a cardboard-covered pallet. When stacking your pellet bags on the pallet, switch the direction of each row – this creates airways between the bags and prevents moisture from entering.

5) When storing pellets outdoors…

In addition to the tips offered above, if your only location for storing wood pellets is outdoors, pick high ground, away from tall trees, protected from the wind and rain, and tightly cover with a tarp.

6) Store pellets away from heat sources.

Whether indoors or outdoors, store your wood pellets away from heat sources, including direct sunlight, furnaces, grills, fireplaces, water heaters, or any other appliance that gives off heat for safety reasons.

7) Regularly inspect pellets for damage or moisture.

Periodically inspect your wood pellets for signs of moisture damage or deterioration. Look for clumping, discoloration, or a musty odor, which are indications that moisture may be present. Remove any affected pellets and adjust your storage conditions as needed.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your wood pellets remain dry, free from moisture-related issues, and ready to provide efficient heat or energy when needed. Proper storage not only preserves the quality of the pellets but also extends their lifespan, saving you time and money in the long run.

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