6 Tips for Storing Wood Pellets

7 Tips for Storing Wood Pellets

When you burn wood pellets in a pellet stove as a method of home heating, buying pellets in bulk is the best way to make sure you’re stocked up with fuel through the heating season – but this also requires…
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Calculator Pellet Fuel

Does Pellet Heat Really Save You Money?

You feel it every time you go to pump gas, buy groceries, order fuel… there are very few markets and products that inflation has not invaded this year. With costs rising and supply chain issues, it’s hard to be certain…
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Pellets are Eco-Friendly

What Makes Pellet Heat Eco-Friendly?

In January 2023, a new federal tax credit was created with the intention of inviting homeowners to switch to sustainable and environmentally friendly heat options. By investing in biomass-fueled heating alternatives, homeowners can save money while being more eco-conscious and…
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Best Type of Heat for Your Home

What’s the Best Type of Heat for Your Home?

Over the last few decades, we’ve seen a rising rate of homeowners make the switch from oil or electric heat towards more affordable and efficient home heating systems. Wood, Gas, and Pellet stoves and stove inserts have become the choice…
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