Does Pellet Heat Really Save You Money?

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You feel it every time you go to pump gas, buy groceries, order fuel… there are very few markets and products that inflation has not invaded this year. With costs rising and supply chain issues, it’s hard to be certain of where the safest place to invest your hard-earned dollars can be.

Just to make things worse, the cold weather is on its way. Staying warm is always a need throughout the winter here in New England and preparing your home for the winter during economic uncertainty is much more challenging.

Here’s the big question: how can you save money on home heating fuel during these difficult economic times while keeping your home and family warm through the winter?

The answer? Pellet heat.

Carol J.'s Pellet Stove

Is Pellet Heat a Good Alternative to Oil or Gas Heat?

Throughout the country, oil, gas, and electricity prices are higher than ever (with gas and oil costs upwards of $6/gallon in some areas). With these prices, it’s hard to maintain the costs of heating your home, which has left many homeowners searching for a way out.

As a supplier of alternative energy home heating appliances here at Higgins Energy Alternatives in Barre, MA, we’ve recently seen a huge uptick in the number of consumers craving the affordability of alternative heating solutions, with the number one choice being pellet heat.

Carol J. visited Higgins Energy over the summer searching for more affordable means to heat her home. Here’s what she had to say about her experience…

“I had never thought of purchasing a pellet stove prior to our present energy crises… Higgins Energy Alternatives was highly recommended to me by a person who goes there for service/parts/supplies for their pellet stove. After speaking with [the salesperson], I purchased a beautiful fireplace insert pellet stove. A [service technician] from Higgins inspected our fireplace situation, gave the go ahead, and our pellet stove was installed today… I offer my thanks to all at Higgins Energy Solutions and would obviously recommend any/all of their services for anyone interested in finding alternatives to oil and gas heating at this critical time.” – Carol J.

Pictured: Carol’s actual Ravelli Roma pellet fireplace insert after installation in her home.

If you’re looking to stabilize your home heating and energy bills this winter like Carol was, a pellet stove is an affordable, easy-to-use option as an alternative heat source.

Why Should You Switch to Pellet Heat?

Heating your home with a pellet stove has many benefits, including:

  • Convenience: Pellet stoves operate quietly and are easy to use – just pour a bag of pellets into the hopper and press the automatic ignition button!
  • Affordability: Pellet fuel costs less than oil or gas, and the installation of a pellet stove costs less than other heating appliances because of its simple ventilation setup.
  • Comfort: Wood pellets produce long lasting heat and pellet stoves have a convenient thermostat that maintains set temperature with the added ambiance of a real flame.
  • Environmental: Pellets are made from recycled wood waste, which makes them natural, renewable, and clean burning with low carbon emissions.

To summarize, pellet fuel is a much more affordable alternative than other heating solutions with its many benefits that can make your life easier, heating bills lower, and home cozier.

Pellet vs. Oil Cost Chalkboard Infographic

Does Switching to Pellet Heat Really Save You Money?

Here’s the short answer: yes, and we can prove it!

If you’re interested in diving into the numbers to calculate the cost-saving effects of pellet heat, there’s some math involved comparing heat output and amount of fuel.

Don’t worry though – we did the math for you in the quick guide here:

Say you live in a 2,000-sq. ft. to 2,500-sq. ft. home in Massachusetts and you burn oil for heat. An average home in New England burns between five and eight gallons or more of heating oil per day during the colder months. At $6.00/gallon in a 275-gallon oil tank, filled twice at 230-gallons each, that would amount to $2,760 in oil fuel costs in a single heating season.

In the same size house that uses a pellet stove for heat, the average amount of pellets burned is 4 pallets. By buying pellets at $300.00 per pallet totaling $1,200, you would save over $1,500 in heating fuel! That would equal burning oil at $2.56/gallon, which oil is over double that cost right now.

Pellet costs are no stranger to inflation, but even if the cost of pellets is $50-$100 more per pallet, the savings still equal hundreds of dollars versus oil fuel.

Tax Credit - Save 30%

On top of the cost-savings effects of burning pellet fuel, the investment into a pellet stove is more affordable than ever thanks to the 25(C) federal tax credit established in 2023, which allows homeowners to earn a 30% tax credit back for the purchase and installation cost of a qualifying, biomass fueled home heating appliance. You can learn more about the 30% federal tax credit here.*

*Due to the ever-changing nature of laws and tax incentives, we continue to communicate any changes as information becomes available. This summary information is provided as a convenience and may not be relied upon as a substitute for professional tax advice. Taxpayers claiming a tax credit should consult a tax professional with any questions. Higgins Energy Alternatives is not responsible or liable for the taxpayer’s ability to receive tax credits.

How to Switch to Cost-Saving Pellet Heat?

After making the decision to switch to pellet heat, next comes the easy part! When you purchase one of our affordable, high-quality pellet stoves at Higgins Energy Alternatives, we have a simple 1-2-3 process to get your project completed simply and safely.

  • Come in to visit our beautiful showroom to tell us more about your project and what you’re looking for in a pellet stove. We’ll help you find the right model to fit your needs and give you a free estimate.
  • We will schedule an in-home visit. During this visit, one of our certified, professional service technicians will take care of everything for you. Their job during the in-home visit is to confirm the details and final cost of your project, address any safety concerns, and answer your questions.
  • Once everything is in place, the final step is we will schedule your easy and safe pellet stove installation. All you must do is sit back and relax while our certified in-house hearth service team installs your new pellet stove quickly and safely.

If you’re ready to make the switch to cost-saving pellet heat, you are in the right place! Browse our best-selling pellet stoves by clicking here or contact us at 978-355-6343 to get your free estimate.

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