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Probuilder 36 Clean Face by Fireplace Xtrordinair

Gas Fireplace

THREE MODELS – As the mid-sized model in our value-priced ProBuilder Clean Face lineup, this fireplace is ideal for providing zonal warmth to individual rooms in the home, such as family rooms and offices. This fireplace is available in your choice of three models that are identical when it comes to size, construction and heating capacity. Each model, however, offers its own unique features to accommodate your taste and lifestyle.

MV Model: This Millivolt (MV) model features a On Demand Standing Pilot system where the pilot flame stays lit at all times. This model is a great choice for anyone who desires a simple heat source that does not require power for installation and operation.

GSB Model: The GreenSmart® Basic (GSB) model is an excellent energy-efficient choice. This model conserves fuel with a GreenSmart® pilot system that automatically lights the fireplace when heat is called for, and turns off the fireplace when no heat is needed.

Deluxe Model: The Deluxe is our full feature GreenSmart® model. Just as the name “Deluxe” implies, this model includes enhanced performance features and aesthetic choices not available with the other two models.

Heating Capacity

Up to 1,150 sq. ft.



Fuel Type

LP or Natural Gas

Viewing Area

785 sq. in.




3 Models Available

Appliance Width 36-5/8″
Appliance Height 40-7/8″
Appliance Depth 15-1/4″
Heating Capacity Up to 1,150 sq. ft.
BTU Input Per Hour 5,000 (NG) – 25,000 (NG)
6,000 (LP) – 24,000 (LP)
Steady State Efficiency Up to 83.81% (NG), 85.88% (LP)
Glass Viewing Area 30-1/8″ W x 26-1/8″ H
780 sq. in.
Fuel Type LP or Natural Gas
Remote Control Included
Convection Fan Included
TV Wall Kit Optional
Weight 170 lb.
Venting Top


Probuilder 36 Clean Face Basic – MV
Probuilder 36 Clean Face Basic – GSB
Probuilder 36 Clean Face Deluxe

Burner Log Sets

Probuilder 36 Clean Face Basic – MV:
Standard Burner Only

Probuilder 36 Clean Face Basic – GSB:
Standard Burner Only

Probuilder 36 Clean Face Deluxe:
Classic Oak Log Set
Birch Log Set

Additional Accessories

Coolsmart TV Wall Kit, Power Exhaust Vent Kit, Power Duct Heat Kit
GreenSmart Remote Control, Ember-Glo, 180 CFM Convection Fan (Deluxe Only)

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