Why Choose Solar?

Solar energy has taken the energy field by storm—and for good reason. We’ve gathered our top 6 reasons why we believe solar is a great investment.


Energy Independence

Solar allows homeowners to create their own energy, which provides energy independence. While this may be important on a personal level, it’s also important on a larger, more national, scale. The more homes in the U.S. that can use clean, renewable energy helps lessen the country’s dependence on foreign energy imports.


Saves You Money

Going solar can help you save money on your monthly electric bills. Unitil, Eversource and National Grid all allow net metering. This means that when your home energy needs are are met, any excess energy produced is returned to you in the form of a financial credit on your next bill.


Return on Investment

While there is an upfront investment, solar panels will pay for themselves—and sooner than you might think. For homes in Massachusetts, the average solar panel payback time is 3-5 years, and the average savings over 20 years is $40,000!

Improve Home Resale Value

Studies have shown that homes with solar panels sell faster and see an increase in value. However, this is only true if you’ve financed or purchased outright. Renting or leasing a solar panel system does not have the same effect as purchasing your own and reaping the benefits.

Tax Credits & Incentives

The state of Massachusetts has some of the best solar incentives and programs in the country. Combine these with the Solar Investment Tax Credit of more than 20%, and now is the best time to switch!

Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy is “green” energy. It helps eliminate the need for fossil fuels, reduces the use of traditional sources of electricity, such as coal or oil, and helps fight climate change.