Why Solar Energy is Green Energy

Solar Energy Green Energy

One of the biggest reasons why homeowners switch to solar energy, aside from the financial savings, is the numerous environmental benefits. “Green” energy is a preferred energy option for many modern homeowners. Below are several benefits that solar energy has on the environment and the impact a solar panel installation on your home could have.

1. Solar energy eliminates the need for fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels are limited resources, which means they will not last forever. The more we use, the quicker they run out, and this could have a substantial impact on the environment. The usage of fossil fuels can also be harmful for the environment based on their carbon emissions, which can create a buildup of carbon in the atmosphere.

2. Solar energy reduces the use of traditional sources of electricity, such as coal and oil.

Coal and oil usage emits byproducts which can be dangerous for the environment, such as:

  • carbon dioxide
  • sulfur dioxide
  • nitrogen dioxide
  • particle dust
  • mercury

3. One solar panel system may eliminate 3 to 4 tons of carbon per year (the equivalent of planting 100 trees every year)!

Buildings, including your home, emit 39% of all carbon emissions. Every solar panel helps cut down that number and helps clean up the atmosphere.

4. Solar energy helps fight climate change.

Pollutants and an excess of CO2 in the atmosphere are what causes climate change, which means that the environment has less ability to clean the air, resulting in sudden and drastic changes in weather and climate patterns across the globe. Solar energy is a renewable energy source that creates little to no toll on the natural environment, which lessens the pressure on the atmosphere and environment.

Meanwhile, the sun and its solar energy are an infinite and clean resource to power your home.

At Higgins, we run our store on solar energy to help reduce our carbon footprint because we believe in the power of solar, and this is how we can do our part to help. You can do your part to protect the earth by reducing your carbon footprint with a solar panel system installation on your home.

Want to help the environment AND save money with solar? Reach out to us today, and we can help you get started. We have everything you need: help with paperwork and rebates at the time of purchase, installation by professionals, solar batteries, regular service on your solar panel system, and more!

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